Hi! I am Dan

Living in Austria, I have always had a special connection to nature and the environment. Fascinated by the numerous areas in which sustainability can be seen, I made the decision to pursue my passion and become more involved with it. Each of my articles has been written with love and quality caring to enrich the readers with knowledge.

Thank you for your interest in this platform and I wish you much success for your sustainable future!

Best regards, Dan

Planting a seed

Let's start together.

With Biooatlas, we want to grow together. We want to learn new things together and achieve sustainable change together. You have to start somewhere, which is why we are planting a seed with our platform. Let us blossom together. 

What is Biooatlas?

More than a blog.

Biooatlas is your platform to stay conscious. We want to show the myriad areas of sustainability - with quality and transparency. Our vision is therefore to increase the discourse on environmental awareness. Dive right in and discover the infinite world of sustainability!

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